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In the black midnight of the 1st December 1989, as the clock struck 12.32 am, a cute (well, that’s what people said, not me. hehe.) baby girl was born into this world (and made it more crowded). She was named Noor Diyana by her doting parents. As all of you must have guessed, that girl is me (no surprise there)! You guys can call me Dee or Dz. Why did I use the name vermilion for my blog title? Well, I simply love red colour! I love the boldness of the colour as I consider myself as an introvert. Maybe, there’s just a little bit of extrovert quality in me. Or, I like to think that I’m 2/3 introvert and 1/3 extrovert. To me, the red colour gives me some kind of strength to survive in this world. Laugh. Yeah, I know, I’m so over the top. I’ll try to be more modest. Ha.

I can be a good friend, a wonderful daughter, a great sister, a person people can confide in, and can be deadly when I’m angry (but not so that I have to go to anger management class). Hmm, maybe I have a multiple personality because I can be as quiet as a mouse when I’m around strangers, and as loud as firecrackers when I’m with family and friends. Haha.

In my family, I’m the only person who is a left-handed person. I’ve heard people say that a person who writes with left hand is very artistic but, in all my almost 21 years’ life, I’ve always wondered why it is me the only left-handed without any artistic skills. All of my lefties’ friends are very talented in drawing and are very creative in all their doing. Do you know that I can’t even make a straight line using a ruler? Yeah, I’m such a lost cause. I felt like I’m a letdown to all the lefties in the world! To all lefties, I’m sorry! I’ll try my best to be more artistic and creative. (Wish me all the luck in the world because I’m going to need it badly.)

My area of interest is reading and music, and movies! Lots of them! I cannot free myself from these three. Reading gives me pleasures like no other can. It makes me escape to other places and with each description, I feel like I have been to the places mentioned even though I’ve never been there. Every time I read, I was transported to other dimensions where nobody can reach me, for a while though. Basically, I like to read light materials such as novels especially by Sophie Kinsella, Cecilia Ahern, Nora Roberts, Stephenie Meyers (just to name a few) as I think I’ve had enough with educational or informative reading at class. Hehe. Even so, when the mood strikes me, I like to have a change in my reading materials some times.

I just love Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret? It’s full of humour that makes me laugh until my tears fall. The way she writes is very casual and makes you feel like she’s really talking to you. Another favourite author of mine is Cecilia Ahern. Her ‘P/S: I Love You’ novel is the most the all time favourite book of mine alongside Kinsella’s’ Can You Keep a Secret?’ I love the how she writes, the way her storyline is very different from any author that I’ve read. She writes with full of emotions and her stories are about the most common situation in our lives and how the characters deal with the crisis. I think even the coldest hard in the world would melt when reading her books. Stephenie Meyer. I’m sure people know her as the author of the Twilight Saga, and yes, I love really love the series! Because of her, I read another book written by her entitled The Host, which is a science fiction novel. Let me clarify that I’m not a sci-fi fan. But, The Host had really captured my attention and really opened my eyes to a new genre. I’m looking forward for some other great sci-fi novels. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me!

Musically, I have a wide range of genres that I like, but, I especially love punk rock and rock. I love Blue October, The All American Rejects, Hoobastank and many more that I better not mention as I’ve already bore you with my babbling about my favourite novelists. Haha. I’m a very shy person, so I’ve always use music to help me face difficulties in my life. Every time I’m feeling sad, or angry I like to plug in my earphone and put the volume on full blast to calm myself down. For me, music is my life. Without it and my beloved mp4, I can’t survive in this world! Haha. Besides that, I love watching movies and television! There are just so many great movies and also talented actors in this world. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they have cute faces. Hehe.

I’m currently studying at UiTM Shah Alam in BACHELOR IN MASS COMM (HONS) (PUBLISHING). Actually, my first choice is to get into TESL as I really love English! It just fascinates me with its structure, like the grammar, how plural and singular words have to use different verb. But, mostly, the credit is due to my mother who instilled the love of English in me since I was a little girl. But, my command of English is just moderate and I wish to improve it by applying for Teaching English as a Secondary Language (TESL). Right after SPM, I applied for TESL but I didn’t get accepted. I was pretty devastated. So, I went to Kedah Matriculation College when I got an offer. At the Matriculation, once again I applied for TESL, but sadly, TESL can only be applied once.

Then, I stumbled into MassComm. And I thought, “Hmm, it’s probably about communication and the media (at that time, I still didn’t know what MassComm really is, so, DUH!), so there must be English-oriented stuff.” I said to myself, “Why not? There’s no harm in trying.” I blindly chose MassCom without the expectation of getting accepted. So, when I got the letter for the interview, I was shocked and nervous like crazy! Nevertheless, I just went into the audition and tried to answer the questions as confidently as I could. Still, I was very nervous and I flustered a lot and I sure did embarrass myself a lot during the interview. I got the shocked of my lifetime when I made the interview and got accepted! I really didn’t expect it. So, wow! Alhamdulillah.

This is my first attempt in blogging as this is actually a requirement for the Thinking and Writing subject. Before this, when the blogging was, or still is a craze among people, I have no desire to follow them and do one myself. Writing is not exactly my forte. I actually hate writing during my school days, and maybe I still don’t like it but I’m trying to. Writing can be the most powerful tool to get our ideas across. I’ll strive to do the best I can to improve my writing skills so that I can attract people’s attention to be interested in my blog, and take my writing seriously.

I’m still learning about everything there is to learn and I know I will make mistakes along the line but by the mistakes I hope I can learn from it and make it better so that I won’t repeat them again with the help of all of you, hopefully.


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