Have you heard of the case of an ex-student of Mara University of Technology (UiTM) who recently admitted her crime of dumping her baby at a dumpster?

Lately, the news of babies being dumped recklessly is intensifying. However, this is not a new thing in Malaysia. We had been shocked by this news some time ago but, it had resurfaced again recently out of the increasing number of baby being found in a pitiful state. But, what worries the most is the act of dumping babies carelessly is becoming more like a trend than a crime. The offenders are becoming more daring in doing this deplorable offend!

In Malaysia itself, we do have a sentence for those who commit this awful crime. The offenders will be indicted according to the 1997 Federal Territories Syariah Criminal Offences Act under Section 23 and in Selangor, they will be charged through 1995 Syariah Criminal Enactment (Selangor) and in accordance with Section 318 of the Penal Code, if found guilty.

Even so, we think that this punishment is not enough to really teach them a lesson and thus educate and warned others to not commit the same offense. Besides that, don’t you think that by carelessly dumping the babies in dumpster, in the river or by cruelly set the bay on fire in order to cover their sin; their act is in accordance to murder? They have the intention of committing murder and the act is just like committing a first degree murder. They should be penalized justifiably according to the felony they did.

That is why we agree if the government gives heavier punishment to those who commit this appalling crime. The government should be stricter in this situation to evict this dreadful ‘trend’. Would be sentenced to two years in jail and fined is enough to teach them a lesson and to make them realize that what they did was really unacceptable? No, it would not. For them, the risk of getting caught is not too high and if they do got caught; the punishment is not that serious. Just pay some fine and stay in jail for two years. What’s the big deal?

We think the offenders should be punished with the same sentenced as murder; indicted according to Section 302 of the Penal Code which carries a mandatory death sentence if convicted. In addition to that, as a Muslim country, we felt that Malaysian government should punish people who commit this offense according to Hudud law because it is the best punishment to be implemented and it is based on the Law of Islam.

There is a lot of wisdom if we apply Hudud law in our society both from the religious and science perspective. In Hudud law, the person who is caught doing adultery will be punished by two categories; if the offender is married or not. The married offender will be punished by being thrown stone to death. If the offender is not yet married, the punishment is one hundred of whipping.

From the science viewpoint, using the punishment from Hudud law, Acquired Immunologic Deficiency Syndrome or is commonly known as AIDS, the person affected by this disease can be cured; but, only if they are not married yet. In the human body, there is a defense system called immunity system. White blood cell plays the most important role in producing immune system. When the offender is affected by AIDS, the immune system will be weak due to less reproduction of white blood cells. By whipping, the body will have extensive cell damage that will stimulate bone marrow to produce new antibody.

But, if the offenders are married, when they are affected by AIDS, they cannot be cured because their bone marrow focus more on generate seeds to produce sperms. Their cells are weaker than the unmarried offenders. Thus, being thrown stone to death is the best solution to avoid the contamination and spread the disease while at the same time giving other people a lesson to not repeat the same mistake.

In conclusion, we believe that this immoral act should be severed from the early stage; that is, government and the authorities should monitor social activities that can lead to free sex, thus leading to babies being dumped carelessly. What is the point of having a sentence when it could not restore the lives that were lost and fail to give awareness among the society?


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